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a) CFA is an initiative by CoffeeZone Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. to promote Social Entrepreneurship among youths especially students at higher education institutions.

b) Our aims are:

i. To inspire more youths to directly involve in improving the quality of life and standard of living of the marginalized groups in their community.

ii. To assist the winning team to implement their idea with the help of RM 2000.00 in seed funding.

iii. To provide a networking platform to the current and potential social entrepreneurs.

c) This year edition is fully sponsored by CoffeeZone Malaysia Sdn Bhd in collaboration with UniKL Social Entrepreneurship.


2. Competition Overview

a) First Video Submission

i. This competition is open for ALL STUDENTS at IPTA/S, Polytechnics and Community Colleges in Malaysia.

ii. Interested students must form a team of 4 to 6 members with a brief description on key responsibility for each person. All members must be studying at the same institute.

iii. The idea must be in lined with the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development.  http://www.globalgoals.org 

iv. The idea must be implemented in Malaysia, preferably within their campus area.

v. The teams must prepare a video (maximum of 3 minutes duration) to briefly explain their idea.

vi. The video must be uploaded on YouTube latest by 19th of March 2017.

vii. The team shall promote their video to public as 30% of the total mark is coming from the online vote and 5 teams with the highest vote will automatically secure their seat as TOP 20. Online voting will be closed on 26th of March 2017.

b) Top 20 Pitching Session

i. The idea will be judged as followed

*Likelihood of Success (30 %)

*Longevity and Sustainability (30%)

*Online Votes (30 %)

*Submission Quality (10 %)

ii. The Top 20 will be announced on 31st of March 2017 via email. The finalists should be received an email from CFA on the announcement day to confirm their advancement to the Pitching Session.

iii. The Pitching Session which will be held on 16th of Aprill 2017 at UniKL Social Entrepreneurship- Social Impact Hub @ d’Box, Jalan Gurney, Kampung Datuk Keramat, 54000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Phone: +60 3-2175 4000

iv. Teams are expected to present their idea to our panel of judges during the day. Any team who fails to attend the Pitching Session is automatically disqualified from the competition.

v. The format of presentation is as followed:
*Maximum of two presenters per team.
*Each team will have a 20- minute time block for the presentation. The time will be precisely divided as below:

> 2 minutes – set up period

> 9 minutes – live presentation

> 9 minutes – Q&A session

vi. Teams are advised to be at the Pitching Session location 30 minutes before their turn to present, as no additional minute will be given if teams are late to enter the presentation room.

vii. The organizer will provide the following equipment in the presentation room:

*One screen

*One extension cord

*One projector

c) Second Video Submission
i. The Top 20 Teams are expected to create new video and to be uploaded on YouTube latest by 14th of April 2017.

ii. The content and the quality of the second video should be improved from the first video.

iii. The winner of RM 300.00 for The Most Voted Idea and is determined by the number of votes received for the second video. The second online voting will be closed on 3rd of May 2017.

iv. The winner of RM 300.00 for The Best Presentation is determined by the quality of the presentation during Pitching Session and the second video.

v. The winner(s) of both consolation prizes will be chosen among the Top 20.

d) Final Evaluation of Top 5

i. The Top 5 finalist will be announced during the CFA 2017 Award Giving Ceremony which will be held on 26th of April 2017.

ii. The Top 5 will be chosen from the 20 finalists and final judging process will be based on the second video. The winner for Cauz Factor Awards 2017 and The Most Inspiring Idea will be chosen among the Top 5.

e) CFA 2017 Award Giving Ceremony

i. The Top 5 and the winners for all awards will be announced during this event.

ii. Three successful Social Entrepreneurs will be sharing their experience in running their SE during the Table Talk Session.

f) Project Implementation and the Disbursement of the Cash Prizes.

i. The winner(s) of the consolation prizes will be receiving their cash prizes during the CFA 2017 Award Giving Ceremony.

ii. The winners for Cauz Factor Award 2017 and The CFA Most Inspiring Award 2017 will be receiving their cash prizes as outlined below:
*50% of the total cash prize will be paid during the CFA 2017 Award Giving Ceremony; and

*50% of the remaining cash prize will ONLY be paid after the winners kick start their projects. Proof of activities and relevant documents are expected to be attached in the report. The disbursement of the remaining balance will be done once the completed report is submitted to CFA Team.

3. What makes a Winning Idea

a) The project is being run by an Effective Team

i. Clear Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives

ii. Well-defined job scopes for each members.

iii. Structured project planning.

iv. Manage to identify potential partners or collaboration with other organizations.

b) The project is in lined with 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

c) Although the project is designed to overcome issues faced by the local marginalized group, it still can be duplicated at different locations too.

4. How can I submit an Idea?

a. Fill up this form http://bit.ly/CFAWARD2017 and we will contact you for the further explanation.

5. Please follow our social media diligently for fast updates and infos.