What is your SE story?

Finding job is always difficult for people with different ability. They are being left out of the economic recovery – a disconcerting development that suggests that more work needs to be done to help create employment opportunities for this population.

We started by visiting PDK Jalan Pan Seng to meet the coaches whom train the slow learner PWD. We were surprised to know the job opportunity is being dismissed simply because of their different ability. It is a challenge to hire them but taking up their opportunity is wrong and we would like to prove that they can work. After a discussion with the coaches, we came up with the training customized to the nature of our operational. After two months, two of them are showing a good progress and now they are hired by us.

Why CoffeeZone is unique?

We operate in campuses by providing affordable wide range of espresso based drinks and we empower people with different ability by providing job opportunity and training.

Where does Coffeezone’s coffee bean come from?

Our beans are the mixed of coffee beans harvested from Brazil, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam.

Where can I get your coffee?

We are currently serving our coffee in Student Mall IIUM Gombak and CUCMS Cyberjaya. Come and grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee when you are there.

Do you provide coffee catering?

Customized for Product Launches, Social Gatherings, Anniversary Celebrations, Birthdays Party, Private Events, Corporate Meetings, or any things to suit your special occasion. We have served more than 3000 cups of coffee to the guest of our corporate clients such as Bandar Tasik Selatan, CUCMS, MyWIN Academy, Selangor Dredging Berhad and Petrosains. For outdoor or indoor catering packages inquiry, please fill in the form or contact us at 012-9168917.

How do you value your loyal customer?

Our loyal customers will be receiving RM 1 discount on the 2nd purchase and free drink during the 10th visit.

Any chance I can get your drink at discounted price?

We do give discount on our drink in conjunction of any special day (world, local and in campus). Do follow our social media for any upcoming promotion.

I would like to reward my students/ my teammates for their hard work in class/ club. Could you help me on that?

It’s our pleasure to bring the joy in rewarding great effort done by them. Do contact us to purchase CoffeeZone drink coupon at special price.

Who do I contact to provide feedback on my coffee experience?

We do appreciate your feedback on our services. We can be reached via our social media, email (coffeezone.my@gmail.com), phone (012-9168917) or chat (019-214 7958).

How can I earn additional allowance during my study?

If you are studying at IIUM Gombak Campus and CUCMS Cyberjaya, do fill up this form Coffeezone SA Application Form and we will contact you soon.

Are you hiring intern?

At this moment we are not yet to offer internship. However, do drop us your resume and highlight your skills as we are actively outsourcing some jobs. If it matches with you, we will definitely give you a call.

Do you offer franchise opportunity?

We are looking for people who share the same value with us; empowering the people in need with the entrepreneurial spirit. We do look for interested entrepreneurs to expand our zone and it is important that your business goal is not just for making profit but to use it as a platform in overcoming social issues. Do contact us at 012-9168917 for further discussion.

What is Cauz Factor Awards?

It is an initiative by Coffeezone in promoting social entrepreneurship among IPT students. We will reward the winning team with seed capital to run their own social enterprise as well as connecting them with other awesome SE in Malaysia for them to learn and get inspirations.

Who are the winners?

On 3rd May 2017, Enactus UniKL MFI had been chosen to be the very first champion of Cauz Factor Awards 2017. The judges were intrigued by their idea in minimizing food waste and create job opportunity for students with financial difficulty. Do follow CFA Instagram for the latest update on the winning idea.

How can I join the competition?

If you are an active IPT students, do form a team of 4 to 6 members, create a 3 minutes video on how your business could solve community issue and submit your application to us. We will announce the dates for CFA 2018 soon.