Caroline Fong

Founder / Director

“I wanted to do something for the differently-abled, so we met them and learnt that one of their biggest challenges was getting a job,” said Fong. Her solution to that challenge was CoffeeZone, a chain of coffee kiosks that hire the differently-abled.

Sixty-three percent of experts polled in the same study believe that there are government policies that support the industry. Caroline Fong found herself managing a social enterprise almost by accident. She met her former business partner at 1MET, an entrepreneurship programme by the Ministry of Finance. “In that programme, I learnt what Social Enterprises were. The rest are history.

Caroline Fong is a gem from the beautiful Tawau, Sabah. She wore many different hats throughout her life, from beauty queen to entrepreneur, and professional blogger to name a few. It’s these experiences that shaped her incredible flexibility and passion. Her pageantry pursuits and winning several titles made her see life and beauty in a different and inspirational way.

With all of her amazingly successful business and enterprises, you would think that Caroline is ready to relax and enjoy the fruits of her labors, but Caroline isn’t done yet, not by a long shot. For the same reason, she founded CoffeeZone Malaysia Sdn Bhd and joined the Social Enterprise industry. It’s her passion now to help motivate others to succeed in the same way that she has.


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Caroline Wins 1st Runner-Up in Mek Kebaya 2017

By any measure, Caroline Fong is a successful entrepreneur who runs everything from a chain of coffee kiosks, to a business renting out yachts. But the 31-year-old will not rest easy until she achieves one of her biggest goals – to nab a beauty pageant title. Many her age would likely give up on such a lofty dream and concentrate on the successful career they’ve made for themselves – but Caroline feels the fire of beauty pageantry burning in her. The Sabah beauty from Tawau is making a concerted attempt to clinch the crown at tomorrow’s Mek Kebaya 2017 beauty contest at the SK Chung Hwa Wei Sin here. The contest, held in conjunction with ‘Visit Beautiful Terengganu 2017’, will see 12 finalists vie for the title – and Caroline figures she has a chance at glory.

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