started out from the desire of its founders to bring high-quality coffee at affordable prices to students and everybody who appreciates a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee. Caroline Fong is the person behind this business, which is dedicated to providing freshly brewed coffee directly in campuses, where students can enjoy it at very small prices and also to general public with the premium coffee catering offered.
It all started one day, when Caroline and friends were having their favorite coffee at a famous coffee shop in town. Standing there and sipping on coffees, it came to their mind the fact that very many students cannot afford having their coffee in such places, even though most of them would love to. So, Caroline decided to look for a way to deliver the much-needed coffee to students, while keeping the prices as low as possible and maintain a high-quality level of the products. The fact that you can find Coffeezone in university campuses is a proof that Caroline , together with the team, managed to find the solution they were looking for.

What is the secret key to providing exceptional coffee at very low prices? They found ways in reducing costs with their coffee kiosks, setting up spaces that had strictly the space they needed to install the essential machines for brewing coffee and nothing more. Also, the stands are made out from recycled pallets, which mean that their production costs are lower than when buying virgin wood for them. This just proves that the Founder of Coffeezone were not only determined to reach their proposed goals, but also managed to think outside the box and look for solutions where no one considered.

But, there is one more particular aspect that sets CoffeeZone apart from the rest of the coffee kiosks you may find in town. The company has a social cause to which it is highly dedicated. It hires differently-abled persons to work for them, after providing them with the necessary training.

 Thus, people with various disabilities, like deaf people and even the mentally challenged ones, have a chance to get a job and fit in the society. As mentioned before, all the necessary training is done by Coffeezone, after modifying the regular training an ordinary barista has to go through so that even the differently-abled persons will be able to get trained and work as a barista. So, when deciding to buy coffee from CoffeeZone, you also decide to support a social cause, granting differently-abled persons a change to a normal life as much as possible.

In present days, Coffeezone has kiosks at the Student Mall, International Islamic University Malaysia Gombak and Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science in Cyberjaya, UniKL Yayasan Selangor, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan – Bandar Tasik Selatan and planning to expand to other local Universities. But they won’t stop here, as their long term plans include delivering affordable coffee throughout the entire Southeast Asia. Even if the coffee served by Coffeezone is affordable and delicious, it is not only made for students. Anyone can enjoy the coffee assortments that bear the Coffeezone mark, because this start-up can cater corporate events, meetings, and any other types of social gatherings where coffee is needed and welcome. So, if you are in need of one coffee or a bunch, you know who to call or where to find them.